Pink Velvet 2

Pink Velvet 2

Starring: Ella, Jamie, Barbarella, Jo, Peaches, Vera, Anushka Garin, Monica Swrt, Anoushka, Jamie Hunger, Dana Kelly

The Loss of Innocence
The story has moved on a few years and Jo is working as a property developer in Portugal, living with her step-mum Anoushka and step-sister ‘Peaches’. Jo is feeling lonely, homesick, and the only thing keeping her going is Vera, a girl who works in her office. Meanwhile, Ella has discovered letters written to her mother. Love letters, from Jo. She decides to travel to Portugal, to surprise Jo and to seek her revenge.

This epic sequel to the undisputed champion of girl/girl movies sees six of the most beautiful girls in the world making genuine, passionate love to one another. Ella seduces not only Jo’s step-mum but also her teenage step-sister, fingering her arse and sharing her first kiss. You will not see lesbian sex so beautifully crafted anywhere else. So sit back and enjoy what will probably be the most triumphant experience in the history of hardcore lesbian pornography.

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