Girls On Film

Girls On Film

Genre: All Girl, Girl-Girl, Lesbians, Teens, For Women, Australian, Amateur
Starring: Jamie, Annabel

They love to have fun, so Jamie and Annabel get out their disposable camera and start taking some naughty pictures of each other. Before long, it’s time to retire to bed, and have even more fun together! Rave reviews for this one! You’ll rave, too, once you see these hot young lesbians pleasuring each other! Annabel (1 and Jamie (19) have been pals for ages, but it took Jamie to come to us for a solo shoot to get their friendship taken that step further. We were lucky enough be present when they consummated their relationship. And as you can see from the sample caps and clip, these two are right into each other. They totally ignored us, and just Went For It! This scene runs for sixty minutes, and has extremely clear audio and picture quality. No toys, and live sound throughout.

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00:57:35 18-09-2008 464 views